Nowhera Shaik wins the heart in Karnataka Election

‘All India Mahila Empowerment Party’ (AIMEP) is the brainchild of Dr Nowhera Shaik, a renowned entrepreneur and a successful businesswoman, who hails from Hyderabad,she is also a human right activist. She is also well-known for the humanitarian helps for the woman, children and even men in distress and need.

Dr Nowhera Shaikh had declared last year to contest election on all the seats of Karnataka Legislative Assembly, it was the first elections contested by the AIMEP under the leadership of Dr Nowhera Shaik in the neighboring state Karnataka the vote share in poll and the overwhelming support, completely disproves the notion about the journey of regional parties.

Generally, it is uncommon for a businessperson to launch a political party and remain committed to its core values but as the founder of AIMEP, Dr Nowhera Shaik is determined and dedicated for woman cause. The ‘Mahila Empowerment Party, was launched with a purpose to encourage the women political participation more particularly in electoral politics.

She has always been vocal on issues regarding a woman. She has declared that her party will provide 50 per cent reservation for women candidates in electoral politics because she believes that an increased political participation by women can ensure a social change. She also demands that the parliament should pass the ‘Women Reservation Bill’ that would enable women for political participation by providing 50 per cent reservation in parliament and state legislative assembly.

Once the party was launched and started issuing party tickets a surprisingly large number of aspiring candidates (5,700) stood in lines inspired by the aims and objectives and the agenda in the manifesto of the party. AIMEP contested in almost all the constituencies of Karnataka assembly in which 40 women candidates also contested from AIMEP.

AIMEP has already succeeded in gaining a good number of loyal voters which could be approximately 5-10% of voters. Although AIMEP contested for the first time, it managed to secure 0.3% of the votes across different constituencies of Karnataka. 97,670 votes were polled for the candidates representing AIMEP. It is unsurprising that a new party performed relatively well among the well-funded, reputed, largely influential national parties.

The rising popularity of Dr Nowhera Shaik and the vote share in the Karnataka Assembly Election and above all her ‘Vision’ and ‘Agenda’ for the woman, poor and marginalized has paved its way into mass politics. It clearly shows that MEP stands different from all other political parties because it does not endorse vote bank politics.

The 2019 Lok Sabha will be the next step for AIMEP where it will prove its real potential to be the game-changer which can bring ‘CHANGE’ in the society. Despite all the backbiting, conspiracies and rumours against MEP and its chief Nowhera Shaik, the AIMEP will remain strong on its stand and remain committed to its agenda for change. The AIMEP will contest election 2019 Lok Sabha in many states under the leadership of Nowhera Shaik with the agenda to change the prevailing scenario in the socio-political-economic aspect of the country.

The fact and figure of the Karnataka Assembly Election (AIMEP bags 1 Lakh votes (0.3%) in its first election in Karnataka) shows that the new party has a future and will be the game changer in 2019 Lok Sabha election. The vote share and the overwhelming love and support of the people clearly shows that AIMEP is a winner

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